Nov. 30th, 2007 10:56 am
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Firstly, *points to icon*, hee!

Secondly, yeesh, what a week! Rodney the Wonder Cat decided to get himself stuck up a tree. But not just any tree - no, the THREE-STOREY HIGH pine tree in our next door neighbour's yard! (Said neighbour being a bitch who has already complained about our cats more than once).

Anyway, to make a very long and excruciating story short, Rodney was up the tree for a total of EIGHTEEN HOURS (a whole night and day basically) before the damn people at 000 (Aussie version of 911) would send around some fire fighters with a giant-ass ladder to get him down (even though the fire station is bloody RIGHT BEHIND OUR HOUSE!)

When we called in the morning - after I'd spent a sleepless night listening to my baby crying and wailing for someone to come rescue him - they told us he hadn't been up there long enough to get rescued and he'd probably come down on his own. He'd been up there for EIGHT hours at that point, and I know my cat - he's overly cautious and overly lazy - there was no way in hell he was coming down by himself. But we still had to wait another 10 bloody hours before the firemen finally came. It pissed me right off - if a child had been stuck that high up, he would have been rescued straight away, not forced to wait and see if he came down on his own, but because Rodney's "just a cat" he had to be traumatised for a whole day longer even though he was already terrified, cold, starving and confused. Poor baby.

In happier news, I got a new shiny! Yeah, yeah, I'm the last person in the world to get one, but I'm still excited about it. She's jet black and her name's Dahlia. *pets*

I also took my nephew, Ryan, to Sydney's first annual Xmas Parade. Kind of disappointing really - I was expecting something like Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, but it was far more low key than that. And the crowds and the heat were just hellish. Don't think I'll be going again for at least a few years, and that's only if they start adding better floats.

And the really exciting news - Advent starts tomorrow! What does that mean? Why the triumphant return of my smutty, slashy Advent Calendar of course! Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, what better way to spend December than looking pictures of men in various states of undress and compromising positions? :D

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I am living with the gayest, most incestuous cats on Earth, I swear. It figures - what other kind of cat would I end up with? Seriously though, like it's not enough that they spend most of their time attempting to rub their nuts against my face, or wrestling with each other in what can only be described as a very loving way; today I walk into my room and find them blatantly sixty-nining on my bed.

"For God's sake, you're brothers! You're going to kitty hell!"

Rodney only spared me a short "Mrow" of utter contempt, before going back to licking Benji's balls.

Cat-cest not being one of my kinks, I merely shut the door and left them to it.
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  • First off, I've missed some birthdays, so belated best wishes to [ profile] maverick4oz, [ profile] rustler, and [ profile] adrianabr! (What is up with all the January birthdays? Do they put something in the water in April?)

  • Woe is me. You know what happens when you sit for too long on a plot bunny that is... not necessarily great, but you yourself are very infatuated with? Somebody else will write the exact same bunny, only ten times better than any of the ideas you had. Le sigh.

  • But now my most exciting news! I ADOPTED A KITTY! Actually, both my family and I got kittens from the RSPCA (although not really 'kittens' - more the cat equivalent of teenagers); they're both boys (brothers from the same litter), and they're perfect! They were even already litter-trained by the time we got them, and after five days, there hasn't been a single accident, or terrible behaviour from them yet. I think we really lucked out with these two.

    Mine is a dark-coloured tabby, and the one belonging to the rest of the family is similar, but with white socks and white on his face. Their cat is named Benji - he's a hyperactive dare-devil, who doesn't like to be cuddled too much, but adores his brother and follows his lead.

    My kitty however, is the dominant cat - slightly calmer, though still a mischeif-maker, who is very very curious about everything, loves exploring and figuring out how things work, gets cranky when Benji messes with his stuff, and loves to curl up in bed with me and snooze for hours on end when he's not staring fascinatedly at my laptop. My SGA peeps will understand how, with that personality, how could I name him anything but Rodney? *g*

    I'll have to post pics of Rodney and Benji soon - they're soooo cute! :o)


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