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EDIT: Omg, I posted this Xmas Eve and only just realised it was set to private so no-one saw it. I just completely failed this year. *facepalm*

Posting from my phone, because apparently LJ doesn't want to load on my laptop ever again. Ugh, doing a buttload of HTML on a phone is haarrrrd .

Day 22 )

Day 23 )

Day 24 )

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Finally, LJ will load for me again! Well, we're in the home stretch now, people. Can hardly believe it - where the hell did this month go?!

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Day Twenty )

Day Twenty-One )
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Crazy busy at work this week, trying to get everything finished - was so stressed out. But I'm now officially done and on holidays 'til January 20! Woot woot!

Day Eighteen )
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Thanks to continuing LJ connection issues, I'm being forced to post these calendar entries whenever I can, rather than on time. Which is killing my OCD-tendencies like you wouldn't believe. Grrr...

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Day Fifteen )
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LJ keeps being a jerk and refusing to load for me when every other website on the internet will, so now I'm behind again, agh! It's decided to work for me today, so let's hope I can get this posted.

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Day Eleven )

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Day Thirteen )
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I'm hella lazy with Christmas cards this year, but if anyone's address has changed, I'll screen these comments so you can let me know here. Thanks!

Day Nine )
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LJ has been refusing to co-operate with me for the last 3 days, so I've gotta do some Advent calendar catch-up. Hopefully it'll let me post this now or I'mma be maaaad.

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Day Seven )

Day Eight )
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Five days in, and today's pic reminds me that I'm still bummed I missed out on a chocolate Advent Calendar this year. Kept seeing them in the grocery store after Halloween, kept thinking 'nah, it's too soon to buy an Advent calendar', 'nah, it's still too soon', 'still too soon', finally went to go get one aaaaand - they're all gone. So no chocolate for me this December. Well, not from an Advent calendar anyway.

Day Five )
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Had a horrible moment of realisation today - started making my Christmas card list, and as usual went to add [ profile] catheights... and then I remembered. :'-(

But today's pic makes me smile, as it contains a bit of melancholy amongst the joy that I know Cat, the angst-Queen, would've loved.

Day Four )
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Got most of the Christmas garlands hung on Monday and the Christmas tree put up today. Just need to finish my table displays and put up the outside lights and decorations. Busy, busy busy. Also have more decorations to make for my sister's baby shower on Sunday (my youngest sister, Amelia, is now married and having a baby in February - still can't believe it!). The shower is Wizard of Oz themed and we may be going slightly overboard on the crafts, lol.

Day Three )
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Today's pic is from one of my favourite film franchises...

Day Two )
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Hi guys! I've come out of posting hibernation for my annual LJ tradition of the Advent Calendar. I've been inspired to do things a little differently this year - instead of focusing on the smut and the slash, my 2014 calendar will be a celebration of fandom.

I found an amazing artist on Tumblr, alicia-mb, who has created a fantastic Christmas card series based on various fandoms, and as soon as I saw them I knew I had to showcase them in this year's advent calendar. Hope you all enjoy it and don't miss the smut too much, LOL.

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