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2013-11-23 03:02 am
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In an attempt to cheer myself up...

... I will not post about the lousy things that have happened lately, and instead focus on the good.

1. I have a brand new laptop, woot! His name is Sam. Took a while to get used to it, because Windows 8 is the devil, but my techgeek brother fixed it up for me so it opens straight to a regular desktop with links to My Computer and My Documents and everything like it should be and I can forget that stupid app screen is even there.

2. After years of procrastination I am actually making a serious attempt at writing an original novel. A screenwriter who lives nearby advertised her services for a sort-of writer's boot camp (giving advice, guidance, and general motivation when you're a horrible procrastinator like me) and I decided to take the plunge. I meet with her for an hour and a half each week, and thanks to her I am finally getting the story I've been thinking about for years out of my head and into a manuscript. It's still slow-going as I have no discipline whatsoever, but at least it's something. So proud of myself.

3. My estranged eldest sister, who we hadn't seen and barely heard from over the past five years, finally reunited with us. The estrangement wasn't over a fight or anything - she lives five hours away from most of the family and this combined with various mental illnesses contributed to her cutting herself off from us completely. She eventually got her mental issues under control, but then her guilt over cutting herself off compounded the problem and made her feel like she couldn't face us. Anyway, the techgeek brother I mentioned earlier finally convinced her to come visit at the same time he was (we only see him about once a year), and it was like no time had passed. She realised we still love her and that she should have done this so much sooner. So now we're in regular contact on Facebook and I'm so happy because I had honestly though I might not ever hear from her again.

4. The reunion meant that for the first time ever, all nine of my siblings and I were in the same place at the same time. It's literally never happened before, as some of the eldest were long gone by the time the youngest was born, and in the 20 years since then, whenever we've gotten together there's always been one or two of us missing (usually the estranged sister). So my parents finally had all ten of their kids under one roof, if only for a half hour before a couple of my younger siblings had to leave. My mother was mostly just so happy we could finally get a family photo that included all of us - she's been waiting 20 years for that, and she basically threatened my youngest brother (who originally wasn't going to be there at all) with death if he didn't at least show up long enough for a photo. So yeah, I got my happy family feels - as much as they drive me crazy, I do love them.

5. New 'Teen Wolf' on Jan 6! I've already started my countdown :o)