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Changed my layout, since I was thoroughly sick of the old one, and I re-did my user info - purely because I belatedly realised that people who actually know me (or knew me) in RL might find their way here, and I figured I should make it slightly easier to understand for non-fandom people.

Of course, what prompted that change was me randomly cruising around My Space (evil place), looking for people I went to high school with, since none are on LJ. It was done out of sheer boredom, but OMG, I found the guy I obsessively crushed on for 3+ years until his family moved away. Guh - 7 years later and he's still the absolute hottest guy I have ever layed eyes on in real life (we're talking Joe Flanigan-style hot here!). Is it sad that I considered setting up a MySpace account just so I could send him a message? Probably.

Oh, and in other news, my employment circumstances have changed yet again - I couldn't hack it at the new job. I cannot deal with the 2-3 age group, I am so much more comfortable with 3-5s. It's incredible how much of a difference that extra year makes (for one thing, they're more or less toilet-trained). Anyway, the boss sat me down and had 'a talk' with me, in which we mutally decided I wasn't best for the position - she didn't want to fire me, but she did think I should quit because she could tell I was incredibly unhappy. So now I'm doing casual work - basically like being a substitute teacher. The agency calls and asks me to fill in at different places when regular staff are absent. I've worked at 3 different places already, just filling in for a day, and you know what? I'm actually really enjoying it! :D
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I finally got a job! Can I get an "AMEN!"? And just in time too - after I quit my last job, I refused to go back on the dole (that's 'welfare' to my American friends), so I've been living off my savings for the last couple of months, and they pretty much just ran out.

Of course, I could have had this exact job a month ago, but I hemmed and hawed about taking it, because it's teaching 2-3s, when my preferred age group is 3-5s. But nothing else came along, so I finally just bit the bullet and went for it. My interview was Monday and I started yesterday (Thursday). So two days of work, and I'm completely knackered - tired, sore legs, aching feet. I'm so completely off my game after all that time off, sleeping 'til noon practically everyday. And I seriously need to lose some weight - this afternoon, one of the little girls in my class came up to me, patted my belly and exclaimed, "A baby!". Do you know how freaking embarrassing it is having to explain to a 2-and-a-half-year-old that you're not pregnant, just fat? *sigh*.

I love the place though. It takes less time to get there than my old job, plus it's much closer to the train station (which was nice today, when I had to sprint through the freezing cold rain to get there - Must. Get. License.) And the people are so lovely and friendly, unlike the bitches I use to work with. Even the boss is lovely, which is incredibly novel, since I was terrified of my old boss, and used to have panic attacks just thinking about having to go speak to her. New boss chats with me, and makes me feel so welcome - it must be because she's Canadian, *g*. Oh, and my supervisor is Scottish - how perfect is that? LOL.

Very happy. Very sore, tired and cold, but happy.
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Okay - I just sent in an application for a job at a council-owned preschool (ie. less hours & more holidays than privately-owned long day care, which is what I've been doing up 'til now) - best of all, the place is literally right down the street from my house! No more commuting! Christ, I hope I get it - wish me luck, guys.

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Mar. 8th, 2006 07:27 pm
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I'm incredibly disheartened. This morning, I stopped in at McCafe for a much-needed caffeine hit before work and the counter chick called me "Ma'am". Not "Miss", "Ma'am" - goddammit, I'm only 22, I am not a freakin' "Ma'am"! It's like when I was 17 and working the sideshows at my brother's school fair, and the mother waiting in line nudged her kid and said, "Give your ticket to the lady", instead of "Give your ticket to the girl" - it was the first time I'd ever been called "lady" and I was fucking appalled. *sigh*

On a positive note - you know what's really hot? Four really hot guys, half-naked and wrestling in a swimming pool. Said pool is right next door to the playground at work, so I got to perve while pretending to watch the kids. And let me just say, guh - everywhere I looked, tanned skin, and sculpted back muscles, and naked chests pressing up against each other, and dripping wet shorts clinging to perfectly formed asses.... Christ, I really fucking need to get laid.

Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna quit my job - fuck them for sending me to a place that's eating my soul.
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1. Moi is tired.

2. I am also feeling a distinct lack of 'me' time - between work and travelling to and from work, I have approx. 2-3 hrs to myself each day. And I don't even get to spend all of that meagre time catching up with my hobbies, seeing as how I bring paperwork home with me that I don't get a chance to do at work. And I also have to eat and attend to personal hygiene and shit like that.

3. I enjoy my job, I do. But it is so full on. After having nothing but myself to worry about for the past few years, being expected to be 'on' practically 24/7 with very little downtime is excruciating. I currently live for the damn weekends. During which I still have work to catch up on.

4. I do not get paid anywhere near enough for this shit. Teachers' salaries are shit, and pre-school teachers' salaries are even shitter, despite the fact that we do far more work and get far less holidays than supposedly 'real' teachers. NOT FAIR. Friends from university who have the exact same degree as me are getting a sweeter deal simply because they chose to teach Kindergarten, Grade 1 or Grade 2, and I chose pre-school. Why should I be punished just because I like the younger kids better? *pouts*

5. Two of the kids in my class are named Dallas and Lazarus - WTF???? How much do you have to hate your child to do that to them? And of course, they're complete little bastards.

6. On the plus side, I have a few students who are lovely little things - the kind who behave well, and follow you around, and tell you they love you, and ask for cuddles a lot. They're sweet.

7. With practically zero free time, I am facing the very real possibility that I may never write fic again. Not an overly huge loss, I know, but it saddens me.

8. I miss you guys.
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So today was my very first day of proper, actually getting paid, employment - whoo! It actually went fairly well considering I had no idea what I was doing, who any of the people were, where anything was kept, etc, etc. But I liked it. I only had 11 students in my classroom today, because it's still holidays for most people, but I have a total of 30, who all come in on different days of the week, so the most I'll have on one day is 21. Which is a blessing, considering at times I've worked with 33.

And I have a very nice assistant (who practically ran the show today, since she's already been there for a year, and knows more about the place than me) named Emily. She's British, which is bad only because I have this weird thing (probably due to my Asperger's) where I pick up other people's accents really, really easily - I have to concentrate on speaking Australianish when I'm around people from other countries. Thus, I have been speaking with a slight, Pommy lilt all day, and desperately trying not to, in case she thinks I'm making fun of her. I am so very strange. But she and the kids seem to like me okay, which is what really matters.

But, oh God this job is going to be very hard, time-consuming work. So I probably won't be as active around here as I usually am, at least for a while. I'll still read my f-list everyday though. Hugs to you all.

And look, I found an icon to represent the cranky old English teacher/spelling Nazi living inside me. Made by [ profile] ladytalon.


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