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I took three of my nephews to see the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie today and was pleasantly surprised to see not one, but two former Ozzies. I hadn't read much about who was in this movie beyond the basics, so I wasn't expecting them at all. Dean Winters showed up as a bartender, looking as bad-boy attractive as ever, while Robert Clohessy turned up as a deputy warden (heh), looking... er... portly? I guess that's the nice way to put it? I haven't seen him in anything in forever, so it was a bit of a shock - most Ozzies have aged fairly well; Officer Murphy... has not. Still, it's always fun to spot a native Ozzie in the wild.
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The bad news is, the goddamn hospital keeps pushing back my father's prostate surgery date. Because, you know, it's not like cancer is a time-sensitive disease that needs to be treated ASAP or anything. They pushed back his date three times, but the most recent was the worst because that time he actually went to the hospital and waited around for three hours, before they finally casually informed him that the surgery wouldn't be taking place because there were no beds left. So infuriating! Apparently this a common thing - there was another poor guy there, even older than Dad, who'd been left waiting seven hours for prostate surgery before they told him to just go home.

So anyway, that was the last straw for my eldest sister, who contacted our local MP (member of parliament), told him the situation, and basically said, 'this is a fucking disgrace, you have to do something about it'. Anyway, she must have bugged them enough because - as a complete shock to us - Dad got a phone call the other day from the hospital. And not just from an admin flunky either, from an actual doctor, which never happens.

Which brings me to the good news - after fearing he'd have to wait until January or even February, he now has his surgery date set for 19th of December, and it's unlikely it will be cancelled again, because apparently the state Health Minister launched an inquiry into the matter, so the hospital is probably falling all over itself not to look bad now. Likely, they also want to avoid what would have been our MP's next step, which would have been plastering Dad's story (and similar stories) all over prime-time current affairs shows.

So, yay! for Dad finally getting his surgery, but boo! that it took going to these kinds of lengths to make it happen. And thanks to our MP for actually listening to my sister and getting the wheels turning.

Which means that Christmas will be a tiny, low-key affair in our house this year, as Dad will likely be sore and cranky less than a week after his op, but I'm more than willing to sacrifice Christmas (me! Xmas's biggest fangirl) for my Dad's health.
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... I will not post about the lousy things that have happened lately, and instead focus on the good.

1. I have a brand new laptop, woot! His name is Sam. Took a while to get used to it, because Windows 8 is the devil, but my techgeek brother fixed it up for me so it opens straight to a regular desktop with links to My Computer and My Documents and everything like it should be and I can forget that stupid app screen is even there.

2. After years of procrastination I am actually making a serious attempt at writing an original novel. A screenwriter who lives nearby advertised her services for a sort-of writer's boot camp (giving advice, guidance, and general motivation when you're a horrible procrastinator like me) and I decided to take the plunge. I meet with her for an hour and a half each week, and thanks to her I am finally getting the story I've been thinking about for years out of my head and into a manuscript. It's still slow-going as I have no discipline whatsoever, but at least it's something. So proud of myself.

3. My estranged eldest sister, who we hadn't seen and barely heard from over the past five years, finally reunited with us. The estrangement wasn't over a fight or anything - she lives five hours away from most of the family and this combined with various mental illnesses contributed to her cutting herself off from us completely. She eventually got her mental issues under control, but then her guilt over cutting herself off compounded the problem and made her feel like she couldn't face us. Anyway, the techgeek brother I mentioned earlier finally convinced her to come visit at the same time he was (we only see him about once a year), and it was like no time had passed. She realised we still love her and that she should have done this so much sooner. So now we're in regular contact on Facebook and I'm so happy because I had honestly though I might not ever hear from her again.

4. The reunion meant that for the first time ever, all nine of my siblings and I were in the same place at the same time. It's literally never happened before, as some of the eldest were long gone by the time the youngest was born, and in the 20 years since then, whenever we've gotten together there's always been one or two of us missing (usually the estranged sister). So my parents finally had all ten of their kids under one roof, if only for a half hour before a couple of my younger siblings had to leave. My mother was mostly just so happy we could finally get a family photo that included all of us - she's been waiting 20 years for that, and she basically threatened my youngest brother (who originally wasn't going to be there at all) with death if he didn't at least show up long enough for a photo. So yeah, I got my happy family feels - as much as they drive me crazy, I do love them.

5. New 'Teen Wolf' on Jan 6! I've already started my countdown :o)
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So much for my posting more often. Oh, well.

So I turned 30. Ew. I never thought I'd be one of those people who got upset by aging, and I wouldn't care about the fact that my 20s are over if I at least had a job. Or a significant other. Or didn't still live with my parents. *sigh*.

Anyhoo, my birthday wasn't too bad. I had to go into work (I finally managed to get a casual position doing admin work - it's not steady or regular, but it's better than the last five years of absolutely nothing), and my co-workers were nice enough to make a fuss and get me a cake, which was kind of embarrassing, but sweet. Then my parents took me out for pizza for dinner, at a restaurant we hadn't tried before, but was nicer than I was expecting.

Thanks to [ profile] colleendetroit for the cute cupcake on my profile page! *mwah*

Update on my dad's health: So he's decided to go the surgery route rather than radiation for his prostate cancer, except they can't get him in until late October (that's the flip side of universal health care - you don't have to pay, but you do have to wait). Meanwhile, he's also dealing with polymyalgia, osteoporosis, and just to make things super fun, emphysema from his 50+ year smoking habit! I could throttle him for this latest diagnosis, but he's already falling apart at the seams. He turns 69 (heh) next month - I've already told him I expect at least a good 20 years out of him yet.

On the plus side, after my mother's health ordeal earlier this year she seems to have made a full recovery and is back to her old self. She turned 60 last month, but you'd never know. She has ten times more energy than I do and maybe a total of ten grey hairs on her head. Crazy.

I feel numb

Jul. 8th, 2013 06:50 pm
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So the doctor finally called - my father does have prostate cancer. It's in the early stages and it's treatable, but still... cancer. The fact that my parents are so freaking calm about it is kind of adding to my internal meltdown about the whole thing. I can kind of feel my brain shutting down and going into denial mode already. Like if I don't think about it, it's not real. But it is. I didn't realise just how much I truly believed the tests would be negative until my father casually mentioned they were positive. Stuff like this just doesn't happen in my family; no-one in my family has ever gotten cancer. So yeah, my world's been kind of rocked right now. Part of me wants to freak out and cry, but I also feel like I can't because no-one else is. Sometimes having the world's most unflappable parents is really quite annoying.
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My 21-year-old nephew has always been kind of a douche - I mean I mocked him roundly when he got a tattoo of Tupac's face on the back of his calf (If he must brand himself with something rap-related in a pathetic attempt to prove he's 'gangsta' and not actually a sad white boy from the suburbs, why his face? Why not just his name or one of his lyrics?). But I swear a little piece of my soul died when I found out he'd recently gotten the right side of his torso tattooed with a huge picture of fucking Kanye West's ugly mug. Just... ugh.
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Well, Dad got through the biopsy without having a meltdown, so now we just have to wait for the results. I can tell how stressed he was though - it's like a huge weight has been lifted off him now that the surgery is over. He was more freaked out by that than the possible test results.

You may remember me posting in February about my Mum possibly having leukemia. Well, further blood tests showed some better results, so now it looks that possibility is off the table, thank God. Unfortunately, while we were still waiting to solve that medical mystery, another one popped up. My Mum has always been prone to really bad migraines, usually set off by bright lights, or just moving her head the wrong way because she has arthritis in her neck (hell, she has arthritis all over her damn body).

Anyway, the migraines have now progressed to really bad vertigo (as in can barely get out of bed, clutching the walls to remain upright while staggering to the bathroom bad). This resulted in Mum being basically bedridden for over 2 months, which was really hard for her, as she's the type who's constantly on the go and looking after everybody she knows. She also ended up having a few... well, I can only describe them as 'seizures' although the doctors claim that tests show they weren't actually seizures. She'd start shaking and stammer uncontrollably when she tried to speak, and finally end up on her back in convulsions. Pretty damn scary.

Anyway, she ended up being shuttled around from doctor to neurologist to physiotherapist and back again (with a couple of trips to the ER thrown in), and after a million tests, they still have no idea what's wrong with her. They ruled out strokes, mini-strokes, brain tumors, neurological disorders, inner ear issues, etc. It was incredibly frustrating for Mum to essentially be told over and over again, "There's nothing wrong with you", when most days she couldn't even manage to get herself dressed. At one point, every doctor was telling her it must psychological, that maybe it was anxiety (if you knew the kind of person my Mum is, you'd know this suggestion was laughable), Mum nearly went nuts trying to convince them that yes, it was real, and no, it wasn't just all in her head. She kept begging for an MRI on her neck because she was convinced it was an issue with her nervous system. When they finally gave her one, they found a tiny 'something' in her neck - they don't know what it is, but it could possibly be pressing on a nerve, so maybe she was right after all. Basically it's inconclusive, but egotistical doctors hate admitting there's a possibility she was right while they were completely wrong about everything.

After weeks of trial and error, they finally managed to find a medication that effectively treats the symptoms if not the cause (which we'll probably never know), so Mum is not exactly 100%, but way better than she was. It's hard watching her pop a handful of 7 or 8 pills at a time, but at least she can actually function now. She still doesn't trust herself to drive long distances, but she's gone back to basically living a slowed-down version of her normal life. Except on days when she pushes herself too hard, then it can take 2 or 3 days in bed to recover again.

This post is already mind-bogglingly long, so I'll save the rest for tomorrow. Thanks to those who sent their good wishes, *mwah*.
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Okay, I've decided that I really need to be more active around here, not least because I need to do something to get me out of my funk. So I'm making it a personal challenge to see if a I can post here at least once a day for a minimum of one week (hopefully more). Whether it's just a one-sentence post, random crap, or a funny picture, I need to do something. I'm feeling even more disconnected than usual.

So here goes...

Not to be a downer, but can I get some prayers/good thoughts for my Dad? He's having biopsy surgery tomorrow to test for prostate cancer, which would be bad enough anyway, but the poor man loathes hospitals thanks to a childhood spent going in and out of them, so he's really upset over it. Christ, I hope he doesn't have cancer. On top of the numerous health problems he's had all his life, he only just recently got diagnosed with polymyalgia. So if the universe decides to heap prostate cancer on him as well, that'll just be beyond fucked. Goddammit, he's only 68 - he should have at least a good twenty years left in him, and I am not ready to lose my Dad just yet thank you very much.


Feb. 5th, 2013 05:05 pm
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Hey guys, can I get some good thoughts/prayers for my mum? According to our family doctor her white cell count is less than half of what it should be, which could be attributed to several things, the scariest of which is leukemia. This blood test result was really out of the blue, as she hasn't been sick, just really tired which we thought was because of stress and her taking on way too much work as always.

Anyway, she has an appointment with a hematologist tomorrow for a whole lot of tests to find out for sure. I'm just really, really hoping that it's anything other than leukemia - we've been lucky enough that cancer doesn't run in our family, and I really don't want my mum to be the first :(
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Thing the first:
I'm happy to say my family has expanded even further with a new nephew, Hiro, born on November 20, and a new niece, Penny, born on October 12. Which reminds me that I forgot to thank [ profile] fanfromfla for the pennies she sent me to make Penny's gift (which I'll share pics of once I've finally finished it - I'm very craft-challenged), so thank you, Diane!

Baby pics under the cut )

Thing the second:
I'm sending holiday cards again, so if your address has changed from the one I have (or if I never had it, but you would like a card from Australia this year), then please leave your address in the comments, which I'll screen.

Thing the third:
Y'all psyched for my annual smutty advent calendar? 'Cos it's that time of year again! :o)
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Hey guys! I know it seems like I'm never here, but I promise I do keep up with my f-list, even if I barely post. Anyhoo, thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, especially [ profile] cheights for the virtual cocktail on my profile page - I could definitely use one ;-)

Quick update on me: Still jobless and living with my parents, although the stupid employment agency I've been forced to see for the past 2 years (if I don't go to my appointments, they cut off my dole payments), did manage to finally get me another work placement. Non-paying of course, but at least it gives me something more recent to put on my resume. I'm doing general office-assistant-y type stuff at a community college 2 days a week for the next month or so.

It's the kind of work a monkey could do, and yet despite being somewhat more intelligent than a monkey (allegedly), I have been completely unable to find someone who is willing to pay me to do this kind of monkey work. Oh, you can't answer phones or deal with customers because you're a socially-retarded spaz? Sorry, no low-paying, entry-level employment for you. Seriously, fuck my life. It's not like I have great ambitions; all I wanna do is type data into a computer and be left alone - is that really so much to ask? Apparently, yes.

But other than that, I'm doing okay. My family keeps me busy, especially since being unemployed means I'm the on-call baby-sitter - my littlest nephews and niece are now 1, 2, and almost 3, so that's a lot of (exhausting) fun. And my little sister is popping out her third sprog in a few weeks, so that'll be another little darling I can smother with affection.

I miss you guys - I should definitely start getting back into the posting groove again. And I wanna get my fandom mojo back. I think I've got the motivation to get back into the swing of things - a shiny new pairing I've loved for over a year now is starting to morph into a full-blown obsession, so I'll probably be inclined to share squee, even though none of my f-list watch the show (Teen Wolf). Still, love is love and god knows my poor, neglected journal could use some.
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Y’all remember my beautiful nephew, Drew? Possibly the cutest baby in the world?

Well, his mother has entered him in the 2011 Bonds Baby Search. If he wins, he’ll get to be a model in their upcoming Easter catalogue for their line of baby clothes. So he needs as many votes as he can get before the 16th, which is why I turn to my lovely f-list! I would be soooo grateful if you could please take the time to vote for Drew here:

You don’t have to sign up or anything to vote – just enter your email address and submit your vote. Then they send you a confirmation email and you just click on the link to confirm your vote (otherwise the vote doesn’t count).

It would be great if Drew could win, as it might lead to other modelling jobs which could let his mother put some money away for his future. At the moment she's raising him all alone, with no contact from his father, so she can't work, which makes saving money pretty difficult. So I'm doing my part to help, by pimping him where I can. Again, any votes from you guys would be much appreciated! Thanks, f-list!
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Have been busy as hell with non-LJ related projects, but just wanted to say a couple of things real quick:

1. Thank you to [ profile] cheights, [ profile] maddiec24, and [ profile] colleendetroit for the Christmas cards! They arrived after New Year’s, but I like stretching out the holidays :o)

2. Speaking of stretching out the holidays, I’ve been meaning to post picspam of my Christmas madness, but haven’t had a chance yet. So I’ll do a nice, late spam post (hopefully before January ends!).

3. I’m an auntie for the eleventh time. My little sister, Eleena, gave birth to a girl named Ruby Grace on the 13th. This is only fourteen months after she had her son, Flynn, so she’ll have her hands full for a while, with two babies. Better her than me, I say.

But Ruby is so cute! Poor little thing had to be put on a breathing tube for the first day or so, but she’s fine now; both mother and baby are healthy and at home. Baby picspam will also follow.

Thank you

Jun. 6th, 2010 01:30 am
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I just wanted to thank everybody who left messages for me after I posted about my kitty's passing. I'm sorry I didn't reply to you all individually, but your words really were a comfort. So thank you, guys.

I want to post the whole sad story, mostly for myself so I don't forget anything, but it's hard to even think about it without bursting into tears. But it's been a week now, and I'm starting to heal a little. So I guess I'll do it tomorrow.

In happier news - remember my post about my sister, Rebecca, going into labour? Well, a few hours after that she gave birth to a little boy. His name is Drew Jackson and he is beautiful. I actually was at the hospital in time to catch the last five minutes of the birth, so there's something to cross off the 'Life Experiences' list. I mean, I've seen births in documentaries and stuff, but never witnessed one in real life before. Not a side of my sister that I ever wanted to see, but it has confirmed what I already knew - that there is no way hell I ever want to go through that. I'll stick with snuggling the cute little babies and then giving them back to their parents when they start crying.

Oh, and my sister, Eleena, (the mother of my 6-month-old nephew, Flynn?) - well, she's pregnant again already. She's due in January. And given our current breeding rate, I now estimate that by the year 3000, one out of every three people will be a member of my family ;-)
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Know what the best feeling in the world is? Slipping between crisp, clean sheets on a freshly made bed. Especially after having the old sheets on for way too long. *snuggles into warm, non-smelly, cat-hair-free heaven*.

Apologies for my previous post - I should know better than to post drunk, and I hate coming off sounding like a whiny attention-whore. Thank you to everyone who sent encouraging messages; they really do help.

Anyway, I'm feeling better now, trying to look on the positive side of things. Went clothes-shopping for my sister's wedding today, which is usually guaranteed to make me depressed, but I actually managed to find something that looked half-decent on me, so that was a win. Can't believe my little sister is getting married in a week - she's only 20! And carrying on our family's fine tradition of shot-gun weddings. Oh well, she seems happy.

More positive things:

* Evil Brother is not quite so Evil anymore. In fact, for the past... eight months or so, I guess, he's actually been making a concerted effort to treat me like a human being and occasionally even be nice to me, which has been nothing less than shocking. We've even managed to have civilised conversations with each other - it's madness! A couple of days ago he even brought home a present for me. It was just a little knick-knack thing, but he's never given me a gift outside of Christmas in my entire life, so it stunned the hell out of me. Maybe he's been replaced by a Pod Person? Oh well, if he has he can stay that way - I like my new Pod brother!

* 'Merlin' has finally come to Australian TV! I'm not crazy-squee over it, but I have enjoyed it enough to start reading a little bit of the fanfic. It's nice to have a show to look forward to every week again.

* Have discovered the joy that is Quickflix (Aussie version of Netflix). I've been starting my way through a whole bunch of things that I've been meaning to see for literally years and never got around to. Also get to watch things our lousy video store doesn't have, like 'A Bit of Fry & Laurie', which I'd never heard of before [ profile] fanfromfla mentioned it on her LJ once. I've watched the first three seasons and must confess to being in love with Stephen Fry's brain. Also been watching the awesome Catherine Tate Show - am on English comedy overload.

* I've started doing regular walks with a friend of my mother's (she's practically an aunt to me). She was diagnosed with Parkinson's a couple of years ago, and has reached the point where it's a struggle for her just to walk around the block. She should improve if she walks more often, but she never had anyone to walk with, and was afraid to walk alone in case she had a fall. It broke my heart to hear that this once-incredibly strong and outgoing woman was now virtually housebound, which also meant she was putting on weight, which was making her Parkinson's worse. So I volunteered to take her for short walks almost everyday. I figure it's good for her and for myself.
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I won't go into the boring details, but various computer issues mean I'm not getting a whole lot of time online these days, which sucks.

I hope everyone had a good holiday season. Mine was pretty good; I spent most of it with my sister Michelle's family, so I could do all the fun stuff with my four-year-old nephew and two-year-old niece (I really am just a giant kid at heart).

My main Xmas presents were a new watch (which I've been desperate for ever since my old one broke nearly a year ago), and the entire series box set of Buffy, which I've wanted for a few years, but never got around to buying (sweeeet!)

New Year's was pretty quiet - just the family at home, but I did get to introduce my niece and nephew to the awesomeness that is sparklers! (Like I said - big kid)

Thanks to [ profile] cheights for my virtual New Year gift! And thanks to [ profile] rhymephile, [ profile] trillingstar and [ profile] rosybug, whose cards all showed up on Xmas Eve - what a surprise!

And once again, my [ profile] oz_magi fic was a last-minute rush job - I like to think it's because I do my best work under pressure and not because I'm lazy, but.... yeah. Anyways, thank God for time differences because I actually got it in early in the morning on the day it was due, so I ended up looking super-organised, LOL.

I'm honestly curious as to whether anybody has their suspicions about which fic is mine, because (to me anyway) my style of writing sticks out like a sore thumb. I actually considered trying to change my style because it's supposed to be anonymous, and I thought that people would guess that I wrote it straight away, but then I figured I was just being paranoid. Anyway, I guess I'll see...

Also? Check my icon - isn't it the most perfect thing ever? This is so my cat!
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Thanks to everybody who commented on my last post about me not being invited to Oldest Brother's wedding - I ended up letting it go, because Dad told me that Oldest Brother and his fiancee are insanely broke at the moment, so probably couldn't afford to invite his nine siblings.

But after all that fuss, I'm happy to say that I'll be going to the wedding after all - Oldest Brother finally called Dad and mentioned that any siblings are welcome to come if they don't mind paying their own way (they can't even afford to have a reception, so they're going to a restaurant after the ceremony, and people will need to buy their own dinner). None of this is a problem for me, because Dad is being generous enough to pay for me. So now I'm going - yay! But now, Evil Brother has decided he wants to come too - boo!

I've also done a small friends-cut - something I never thought I'd do, but I thought it was time. Anyway, if you've been cut, it's because I've never really 'spoken' to you, or because we have nothing in common any more, or because you only write about fandoms I'm not part of, or because you never write in your journal anyway. Obviously, you're welcome to de-friend me as well.

I'm also going to take this opportunity to say that if anybody has me on their f-list purely for my Oz fic (which is a rare occurrence these days), feel free to cut me off. I put links to all my fic on [ profile] oz_rapsheet anyway, so if you're a member there, you won't miss anything (not that there's much to miss).
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My crazy mother has gone way too far with the Good Friday thing this year. Today's menu at my house was hot cross buns for breakfast, fishsticks for brunch, codfish and white sauce for lunch, and irish fish pie for dinner.

"Doctor, we have a code Batshit!"

The house still smells like fish. Ew.
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First, the interview meme, with questions from blackchaps )

Update on me:
I’ll try to do this in the least whiny, least attention-whorish way possible, because sometimes I feel like that’s all I do here.

Anyway, my mental health took a turn for the worst, which means I am now unemployed and on benefits because I’ve been declared unfit for work (I believe the exact wording was “too unpredictable and unstable, with the bouts of unprovoked aggression, and entirely irrational reactions and behaviour”). I’ve been put on a new anti-depressant (long and arduous process), and I’ve been set up with a new psychologist after being out of therapy for three years, as well as a psychiatrist to evaluate my Asperger’s, and its relation to my depression, because the situation is probably worse than I was originally diagnosed with. I’ll probably have to be put in cognitive behavioural therapy, and I might have to be medicated in regards to the Asperger’s.

The sucky thing about all this is that I have zero money, so I have to do every thing through the public health system, and rely on my GP to get things moving, so I can get treated for free. It’s still going to take weeks to even get appointments with these people though. So meanwhile, I’m kind of just languishing and waiting around. *sigh*. Mental illness fucking sucks.

Meanwhile, on the outside of my head:

St Patrick’s Day celebration preparations are in full swing at our house – the entirety of my very large and very insane family has been invited to our Annual (except the years when mother can’t be bothered) Paddy’s Day Piss-Up. Basically an excuse to get drunk and eat Irish fare. Mum is cooking soda bread, potato soup and potato scones; we’re all stocked up on stout and pan pipe music; and she’s already threatened everybody with disownment if they don’t wear green.

The really insane thing is that we’re not even Irish.
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I made my first ever gingerbread house today! Of course, by 'made', I mean 'assembled it from a kit'. Because just mixing up the icing was far too complex for baking-gene-deficient me - I had to separate eggs - yee gahds!. Anyway, it turned out pretty good for something my younger sister and I constructed on my cramped bedroom floor. We also made a gingerbread train, but haven't decorated that one yet, because we ran out of icing. Shall do it tomorrow, after work. And then I gotta work again Wednesday. Thursday brings more Christmas shopping and finally getting my hair done (my roots are hideous!). Working again Friday. My favourite brother flies in from Queensland on Saturday (so excited to see him!). Sunday will be insane with last-minute preparations, and then it's Christmas. Twenty-four people will be crammed into our house, all expecting to be fed, and plied with gifts - I'm exhausted already!

And I've got to thank the anonymous person who put the virtual gifts on my profile page - yay! Prezzies!

And I think (think) my muses may have made a comeback - a little fic is a-rattling around in my brain and..... well, we shall see what happens.


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