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Know what the best feeling in the world is? Slipping between crisp, clean sheets on a freshly made bed. Especially after having the old sheets on for way too long. *snuggles into warm, non-smelly, cat-hair-free heaven*.

Apologies for my previous post - I should know better than to post drunk, and I hate coming off sounding like a whiny attention-whore. Thank you to everyone who sent encouraging messages; they really do help.

Anyway, I'm feeling better now, trying to look on the positive side of things. Went clothes-shopping for my sister's wedding today, which is usually guaranteed to make me depressed, but I actually managed to find something that looked half-decent on me, so that was a win. Can't believe my little sister is getting married in a week - she's only 20! And carrying on our family's fine tradition of shot-gun weddings. Oh well, she seems happy.

More positive things:

* Evil Brother is not quite so Evil anymore. In fact, for the past... eight months or so, I guess, he's actually been making a concerted effort to treat me like a human being and occasionally even be nice to me, which has been nothing less than shocking. We've even managed to have civilised conversations with each other - it's madness! A couple of days ago he even brought home a present for me. It was just a little knick-knack thing, but he's never given me a gift outside of Christmas in my entire life, so it stunned the hell out of me. Maybe he's been replaced by a Pod Person? Oh well, if he has he can stay that way - I like my new Pod brother!

* 'Merlin' has finally come to Australian TV! I'm not crazy-squee over it, but I have enjoyed it enough to start reading a little bit of the fanfic. It's nice to have a show to look forward to every week again.

* Have discovered the joy that is Quickflix (Aussie version of Netflix). I've been starting my way through a whole bunch of things that I've been meaning to see for literally years and never got around to. Also get to watch things our lousy video store doesn't have, like 'A Bit of Fry & Laurie', which I'd never heard of before [ profile] fanfromfla mentioned it on her LJ once. I've watched the first three seasons and must confess to being in love with Stephen Fry's brain. Also been watching the awesome Catherine Tate Show - am on English comedy overload.

* I've started doing regular walks with a friend of my mother's (she's practically an aunt to me). She was diagnosed with Parkinson's a couple of years ago, and has reached the point where it's a struggle for her just to walk around the block. She should improve if she walks more often, but she never had anyone to walk with, and was afraid to walk alone in case she had a fall. It broke my heart to hear that this once-incredibly strong and outgoing woman was now virtually housebound, which also meant she was putting on weight, which was making her Parkinson's worse. So I volunteered to take her for short walks almost everyday. I figure it's good for her and for myself.


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