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In one of those 'follow the link' chains where you keep clicking on related content and end up about five hundred websites away from where you started from, I stumbled across the Urban Ghosts blog, and proceeded to lose another four hours looking at awesome pics of abandoned buildings. Some of them are sooo beautiful, it makes me want to cry that they've been left to rot.

So many are a fascinating window into a past I never even knew existed. Who knew an entire town in Pennsylvania was abandoned after a mine fire threatened to swallow the whole place? Or that the fire, which started in 1962, is still burning and probably won't burn out for another 250 years?

How insane is it that the amount of time and money that went into building something as amazing as Buffalo Central Terminal could be closed and left to decay after a mere 42 years of use?

Speaking of abandoned railway stations, my own tiny hometown in Australia even scored a mention! Do you have any idea how unheard of that is? But it's there. Our original train platform before the current station was built in 1915.

There's also a ton of Americana stuff on the site - ghost towns, abandoned motels and diners, etc. Makes me wanna write Route 66 roadtrip fic.


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