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Just a quick post to say thank you to [ profile] trillingstar for the baby otter on my profile page (?! LOL), and thanks to [ profile] roguemarch and [ profile] aswanargent for the Christmas cards that arrived a few days ago.

Oh, and I should probably mention my [ profile] oz_magi fic - I wrote an Oz/Wanted crossover, that I was kind of nervous about because the pairing was Beecher/Eddie Drake, which I've never written before (and how could I make a relationship between identical men hot and not just creepy?). I think I did okay though, especially since I didn't have time to edit it a whole lot. Luckily for me, Eddie Drake is one fucked-up, kinky bastard - Eddie!Muse was way more helpful than Toby!Muse, who was being a repressed little prude most of the time.

It was fun re-watching all of 'Wanted' for Eddie research as well. I hadn't watched it since I first got the DVDs back in 2005, and had forgotten most of it, so it was nice to see it with a fresh perspective. I'm pissed all over again that they cancelled it when it was just starting to get good (thanks, of course, the amazing talent of Lee). Anyhoo, if you haven't seen it, the fic is here: Some Kind of Fucked-Up Nostalgia
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Hey look, I wrote SGA fic! I just couldn't let that bath comment go unnoticed ;o)

Title: Bath Time (McShep, PG)
Author: Erin
Word count: 3,000-ish
Summary: Missing scene from 5x03 ‘Broken Ties’. Rodney is determined to change John’s mind.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not for profit, yada, yada.

Bath Time )


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