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So in the course of my wanderings on LJ, I happened upon [ profile] thelifelist - essentially, a comm where you post a list of all the things you want to do before you die. I like the idea, but couldn't be bothered joining another comm, so I'll post my list here in my journal. Maybe I could make it a meme for my f-list - it's actually quite fun! :o)

My Life List (in no particular order)

*Marry, or at least spend my life with a man who loves, appreciates and respects me.
*Lavish all my love, affection, time and energy on that same man.
*Make my parents proud.
*Buy my parents the house and cars they've always wanted.
*Be there for my nieces and nephews when their parents aren't.
*Own and run my own preschool.
*Actually move out of my parents house eventually!
*Lose 40kg (88 pounds) - blecgh! :(
*Find inner peace and contenment.
*Get closer to God.
*Forgive those who have wronged me.
*See New York.
*See Rome.
*Go all around Australia in a motorhome.
*Meet Lee Tergesen. (well, duh! *g*)
*Meet David Hewlett. (well, duh! again *g*)
*Meet people on my f-list! *hugs*
*Own every eventual season of SGA on DVD.
*See everything Lee has ever been in.
*See everything David has ever been in.
*Write all of the fanfics I have ever wanted to write, including finishing WIPs.
*Live out some of my sexual fantasies.
*Own my own home.
*Learn to manage stress.
*Be completely independent and able to take care of myself.
*Make myself proud.


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