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I got a tweet from LeeeEEEeeeeEEEeeee! So freakin' exciting seeing 'lee tergesen replied to your Tweet!' show up in my inbox. How cool that he remembered me!

Lee tweet
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I just got woken up at 7am, which normally I'd be pissed about, but this time it was [ profile] fanfromfla calling from New York. She said, "There's someone here who wants to sing to you," and passed the phone over.

I thought, 'ZOMG, no!', 'I'm not prepared!', 'I'm still half-asleep!', but mostly, 'Fuck YEAAAAHHH!'. And then Lee Tergesen's saying hello to me! And singing My Fair Lady to me! (Which, thank you, I will now have stuck in my head all day).

Aaagh! I don't even remember half of what was said, but I'm sure I came off like a total spaz (and of course, I think of all the good things I should have said after I get off the phone). I do remember he acted all butthurt because I laughed at his singing, LOL. And he chided me for not being there, saying I needed get my priorities straight - hey, if I'd had the money to fly halfway around the world for a play (yet again!), I totally would have!

Anyway, now I'm all excited and there's no-one here for me to squee with! Waah! I wish I was in New York!

Thank you to Diane for calling me so I could be there in more than spirit!! And next time, give a girl more than 2 seconds warning before you inflict the full force the LeeeEEEEEEeeeeEEEEE on her first thing in the morning! LOL. No seriously, thank you.

So now, I've spoken to Lee twice and both times he's sung to me. I'm kinda floating on air right now :D

I could have danced all night,
I could have danced all night
and still have begged for more...

Dammit. Told you - stuck in my head! Well, at least it matches my mood.
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Coming out of hibernation in celebration of the fact that it’s been a real Lee Tergesen-filled week for me.

First, of course, the long-awaited Lee/Chris reunion on SVU. Gotta agree with what pretty much everyone else is saying – that the boys were great, but the ep was a big ol’ steaming pile of donkey shit. Not that I expected any less, considering this is SVU we’re talking about. I couldn’t even be bothered to download the whole ep – just the clips with Lee in them, but that was more than enough. I’ll probably watch the whole thing when it airs down here, but God only knows when that will be. Good thing I don’t really care and am in zero hurry to see it.

As I commented over on [ profile] tobyfan’s post, the part in The Scene where Lee grabs Chris’s arm literally made my heart stutter – scary, intense man-touching! Oh, how I’ve missed you! And it totally reminded me of Lee grabbing my arm the same way at Lee!Fest, which I had somehow totally forgotten about until I watched this! And let me just say, being grabbed by Lee is nice, y’all. Damn, that man’s deceptively strong.

But my favourite part was something that I can’t believe no-one else has commented on yet. At the end of the prayer, when they say ‘amen’? Lee totally makes it sound like, “Ahh… men”. Hee! I laughed my ass off at that. I bet anything he did it on purpose – a shout out to their big gay love, LOL.

It’s also been a big Lee week on Australian TV, as both his House and Criminal Minds episodes aired within a few days of each other. I hadn’t seen either of them yet (my shitty wireless connection makes trying to download eps a giant pain in the ass that I usually can’t be bothered with, even for Lee), so it was nice to watch him on ‘real’ TV, so to speak.

Actually, I was lucky to catch both eps, as neither are shows that I watch regularly (mostly because I can never seem to remember when they’re on), but luckily I caught sight of Lee in the commercials for both of them. I can’t express how cool it was to randomly see Lee in those commercials – I was like, “OMG!! Lee on Aussie TV! Suh-weeeeet!”

Man, I wish more people in this country knew who he was. I can’t even properly share how amazing it was for me to meet him, because everybody is just like, “Who?”

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Oh my god – Saturday night. Firstly, there are no words to convey the true awesomeness of Saturday night; anything you read here will be but a weak, pale shadow of Saturday night. However, I shall do my best.

Cut because this is LONG, yo - we're talking NINE pages long! )
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My passport arrived today! And I picked up my tickets and stuff from the travel agent this morning!


I'm going to see Lee Tergesen live and meet a bunch of the peeps! I can't wait - I'm so excited! *bounces*


Jun. 20th, 2006 01:47 pm
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So the eps of Desperate Housewives that Lee Tergesen guest-starred in have finally aired Down Under (see how long I would have had to wait without [ profile] fanfromfla?!). I only found out because of this phone conversation with [ profile] bundy1988 last night:

Elly: Erin, turn on the TV!

Me: What?


Me: Okay, okay.

Elly: Quick, quick! Channel 7.

Me: Okay.

Elly: QUICK!


Sees Lee having the 'sex addict' talk with Bree.

Me: Oh. I've seen this.

Elly: How? When?

Me: On the Internet.

Elly: Oh. (Disappointed)

Me: But damn, you don't realise how much detail you miss, watching it on a computer - look at those muscles!

Elly: Okay, Erin, I'm gonna go now.

Me: (Realises he's about to throw Bree on the table and strip off his shirt) Wait, wait - this bit's hot.

Elly: Erin, I'm going.

Me: GOD, he's so hot.

Elly: I'm going now!

Me: Nnnnnngh....

Elly: You're freaking me out. (click)

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You know, occasionally life will throw you a bone. Extreme Dating is a Lee movie I figured I would probably never see, due to it's practically non-existant release, and the fact that Lee's films never seem to make it to our fair shores anyway. So I wander through the local video store this afternoon, not really looking for anything in particular, and what practically jumps off the shelf at me? *g*. Oh yeah, I was happy. And it's nice to see Lee in something where he gets some decent screen time for once (since I still haven't seen the couple of things where he's actually a main character, although I've got Bark! on order). And he does as good a job as usual in this - so funny and cute! *happy sigh*. It doesn't take much to cheer me up - a litte dose of Lee always does the trick.


Oct. 7th, 2005 06:34 pm
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Most of the time I like being Australian, but when it means missing out on shows currently being screened in America, I really hate it. And when it means missing Lee in L&O, while everyone else is squeeing madly, then I really, really fucking hate it. *Pouts*. I hate being left out of the fun - makes me feel like the little kid who always gets picked last in school. Wait, I was that kid - double trauma, waaaaah!

*Waiting impatiently for Diane to get back and post lovely screen caps*

On the up side of my life I have finished uni - my last class was yesterday. Now I just have to get through my 5 week teaching practicum, then graduation, and then I am on my own in the workforce to get myself a teaching job. Huzzah! Am finally going to be a proper grown-up.
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First off, look at the lovely icon made by [ profile] rojimouse, inspired by my latest Lee kink - PITS! Have never had a thing for them before, most likely never will again, but by golly, that man can make anything hot.

Secondly, I got more Wanted eps from [ profile] fanfromfla! Squeeeeeeee!!!! I heart Eddie Drake so much - he's the kinda guy you just can't decide whether to slap or bone. Hmmm, maybe I'll do both at the same time. And, OMG - chin ups! He was doing chin-ups in one scene! And I'm just sitting there drooling in front the TV and thinking 'Mmmmmmm....arms. Yeah, really, know....arms. ARRRRRRRRRMMS!!!!!' Yes, I'm incredibly shallow and have a one track mind, let's move on from that. And I love his chemistry with Bull(tm Eve) - so funny together. Seriously they need to just keep those two and Gary Cole and send everyone else packing (especially the frickin' ex-wife, man. Every time she comes on screen - 'Urge to kill, rising'). But yeah - Lee. Lovely, talented, watchable, lickable Lee. *happy sigh*. So very, very happy with my collection of eps, except I think I'm missing one. Oh well, I got plenty of the Lee-goodness - thank you, Diane! You are too wonderful for words. Oh, and thanks for the cute magnet too!

Now I shall complain about my writing talent, or lack thereof. Why is it that when writing WIP chapters, I always follow this pattern: 1st quarter - really hard, major struggle to write. 2nd quarter - in the groove, words are flowing like water. 3rd quarter - backed up, getting sluggish, and then BOOM! The inevitable wall. Seriously I will write three quarters of a chapter, then spend weeks looking at it and going 'WTF am I supposed to do with this?', until inspiration hits at some really inconvenient time and I'm up 'til 3am with the last quarter just pouring out of me like I'm on auto-pilot. I'm complaining because I've written three quarters of Ch 4 of my B/K Vegas fic, hit the wall, and still waiting for my inspirational auto-pilot phase. And waiting. Where the fuck is it? Plus I've started my auction fic for [ profile] rileyc like 6 times, all with different plots that I had to abandon because they were inevitably going to turn into 20 chapter epics. Apparently I'm physically incapable of writing ficlets. *Sigh*. There's days when I can handle being a complete hack with mediocre talent, and days when it just depresses me.

Plus, I've been spending way too much time reading SGA fic, and no matter how much I get through, my 'Unread' folder grows bigger and bigger. Worth it when I stumble upon gems like Unhealthy Attachment though. This one reminded me of one of the good ol' B/K-on-the-run Oz fics.

And now I must sleep, for it is 12:30 and I have to write a 5000-word program tomorrow, that is due in the next day, and fuck why do I leave everyting until the last minute because I'd rather write/read fic and now I'm stressing and freaking out. Breathe, Erin. And go to bed. Right.
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It's truly amazing how Lee Tergesen can brighten up your day. I came home from uni feeling shitty and what's there waiting to cheer me up but a package all the way from the U.S. - [ profile] fanfromfla has been nice enough to send me Lee's first 2 eps of 'Wanted', God bless her. Thank you so much, sweetie!!!!! I owe you! *mwah!*
[profile] ing was so damn loud that my dad yelled out, "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

I called back, "Lee's on! I'm excited!"

"Well, you sound like you're being chopped up by a chainsaw murderer - bloody well keep the exuberance to yourself!"

"Party pooper!"

Anyway, my Lee-love is on high, high, high, right now - God, I adore that man!!!!! I heart Lee soooooo much!

Uh, yeah, this is probably gonna get long - more Lee-squeeing under the cut )
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My subconscious is severely cracked - I had a dream that I can't really remember beyond a collection of fuzzy images, but it had something to do with me having to testify about something in court and freaking out because I had nothing decent to wear. The court thing had something to with Lee Tergesen, so I was also freaking out (in a good way) because I was going to get to meet him, and at the same time, sometime who was with me was freaking out because they were meeting Ozzy Osbourne (???). Then we were in a place that was crowded with people, but I could see Lee across the room so I was very excited. Then he sent me a text message on my phone - I can't remember what it said, but it was flirty and cute, so I was bouncing and squeeing like a fangirl. Then there was some stuff I can't remember, then Lee and I were buying coffee from the cafe my sister works at, and me telling him that I actually don't like coffee, but if he was gonna drink, I would too. Then there was a whole bunch of things I can't remember, but the dream ended with me, Lee and some other people driving along in a van with the entire cast of the Muppets.

Extremely weird, man.

Maybe that's what I get for staying up 'til 1:30am IM'ing with Ralu from the TS (she lives in Romania and I definitely get the shitty end of the time difference stick). Although some of our discussion was about Oz and Keller, and it was actually kind of interesting so I'm putting part of behind a cut-tag for any Oz peeps who are interested.

IM Convo )

Total GIP

Jul. 5th, 2005 12:05 pm
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Ooh, lookit - PURDY!!! [ profile] fanfromfla - who is lovely beyond all reason - made me a snarky Comic!Lee icon. *pets her new pretty*. Now I've got my shnoogins in all his snarkastic, comic glory! Squee!

More quiz spam (I know, I know). It's all Roji's fault anyway )
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So I'm telling one of my sisters (I have six of them) about LJ and mention that my user name is pride_of_erin. She goes, "Huh? What, 'cos you're really proud of yourself?"
I'm like, "No, you freakin' idiot - it's after the dance."
She had no idea what I was talking about, so I thought I'd just make it clear that there's a traditional
Irish dance called 'The Pride of Erin', and because my name is Erin I thought it would be a (not so)clever play on words for my lj name. I didn't call myself that because I'm full of pride. I'm mostly just full of shit.

In other news, I have two new favourite quotes. One is: "Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it!" Can't remember where I read it, but it made me giggle. The other one is courtesy of another one of my sisters, who actually said this to me: "Hey, for your information, on a scale of one to cool, I'm like...up here."  Snerk!

Stargate Atlantis rambling followed by Lee Tergesen rambling )


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