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This post won't interest anyone who isn't a David Hewlett fan, so feel free to move along. That said - I downloaded 'Pin' (only took me the better part of 2 days, yeesh, *slaps slow-ass connection*), and I really only have this to say. "Um... what the ever loving fuck?"

Which is not to say I didn't like it. I did - in fact, I love totally weird movies. But there's weird and then there's 'Pin'. I swear, it took me forever to get through, because I had to keep pausing it every 30 seconds to go, "Eww - what the fuck?" And mostly I'm not even talking about Leon's psychosis - I found his clean-freak mother more creepy than him. And his father, asking if he wanted to watch his sister's abortion? Um, yeeeeah.... And holy shit, that scene with the nurse?! Jeez, lady - I have done some kinky shit in my time, but dummy-shagging ain't one of them. And if I was so inclined, you can bet your ass I'd find a far less creepy-looking dummy than Pin.

But of course, none of that is of any importance compared to how freakishly, painfully beautiful Baby!Hewlett is! When I wasn't being creeped out, I was kind of just sitting there whimpering, "Pretty," over and over, and trying not to lick my monitor. I'd seen caps from this movie before, but you've really got to see him action to get the full effect. Not that he isn't hella sexy now (I mean, hello?), but back then.... oh, just so pretty.


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