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Hey guys! I know I haven’t been around much lately – to be honest, I’ve kind of reached the point where just turning on the computer seems like a huge effort I can’t be bothered with. Which would make sense if I was depressed – but I’m not! Far from it actually; I’ve been doing great lately – therapy has actually helped me a lot for once, and I’m looking forward to rejoining the ranks of the employed in the near future.

I’m not going back to teaching – I’ve finally made peace with the fact that it’s just not the career for me, and that there’s far worse things in life than not using the degree I spent three years getting. I’m ready to count it as ‘life experience’ rather than ‘a waste of time’ and just let it go. Seriously, my outlook on life right now is so freaking healthy it’s slightly scary. Where’d the bitter, cynical, woe-is-me Erin go? Beats me, but I don’t miss her.

Anyhoo – I’ve been meaning to link to my Oz Magi story on my journal, so here it is: Addiction, which I wrote for [ profile] lisacali (and I’m glad it did turn out to be her – maybe I’m just being mean, but I really didn’t want to write a fic for someone I don’t even know; and there were so many people I’ve never heard of who made Magi requests this time around). Anyway, I was actually quite pleased with how my fic turned out this year. It wasn’t until afterwards that I realised it bears a more-than-passing resemblance to a scene from Dargie’s ‘Rough Trade’ AU, but… meh *shrugs shoulders*. I’m still happy with it.

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This is a fic that I actually wrote most of, only a few hours after I found out [ profile] magickslash had died. I don't know why I wrote it - I suppose just thinking about death led me to thinking about the only death Cherie and I had ever shared mourning, ie. Keller's death. It just popped into my brain, and I wrote it before it disappeared.

I wasn't going to post it, because I thought it was sort of morbid, but now I figure that if Cherie was still around, she'd be telling me to post it anyway. I'm sure she'd also be picking it to pieces and sending me back a ton of red font detailing just how much I should fix before she'd stop saying, "Erin! I know you can do better than this!" *g*

But she's not here, and so I instead present the unbeta'd version.

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*yawn*. 'Tis late Christmas night here, and I have had an exhausting day, which I shall go into more detail about tomorrow, but for now, let me wish you all Merry Christmas and Blessed Yule!

Now, I have some Oz fic to share (yayz!), which was written partly for [ profile] rileyc and partly for myself. A while back, [ profile] rileyc mentioned that she would love some holiday-themed B/K fic, and I desperately wanted to supply it, but didn't think I could, since my muses have MIA for a distressingly long time (I have been unable to write anything in over a year, guys!)

But then one morning, while hovering between 'asleep' and 'awake', a teeny tiny snippet of dialogue floated into my head, and this li'l piece of somethin'-somethin' was built around that. Right now, I am so freaking pleased with myself for actually starting a fic, and finishing it, that it could be the worst story in the world, and I'd still be insanely proud of it. Luckily, this is not the worst story in the world, but I'm not sure it's exactly what [ profile] rileyc had in mind either, as it's not really romantic, as much as cute and fluffy and domestic. However, I do hope you enjoy it anyway, sweetie.

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Everything always feels rather anti-climactic after Xmas ends - "Oh, that's it? Ah well, 'til next year then." I had a pretty cool Yule. Only got 3 presents seeing as how my parents already bought me a laptop this year, but that's all right - I would have been fine with no presents since I love my 'puter so much, *hugs Maxie* .

Only thing that kind of bugged me was that one of the presents was a bracelet, and I don't wear jewellery. And I already had this discussion with Mum last year - don't buy me jewellery, I don't wear it! I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but for me, it's the thought that counts, and I'd rather get a cheap, thoughtful gift, than a pointessly expensive one. There's nothing worse than opening a present and thinking, "Wow - this person doesn't know me at all". When said person is your mother, it's a double owie.

On the up side, I got a fabulous present from [ profile] blackchaps - part 4 of her Beecher/Stabler series, yay! It gave me something to do during the headache that is my family's Christmas lunch. Whenever it got too much, I'd wander off to a quiet corner, chow down on cold ham and chicken, and read up a storm. And frequently disappearing also neatly got me out of baby-sitting duty for my 16-month-old nephew - "I'm busy, let his cousins look after him!" Don't get me wrong, I love Ryan, but a whinier, moodier kid you will never find.

The weather has been perfect for the past few days - rarely a cloud in the sky, and a thousand stars out at night. The humidity gets a bit much though; I've been wandering around in a wifebeater and boxers, which isn't exactly a pretty sight. Especially since I keep pigging out on mince pies and candy canes - I'm fast approaching 'side of a barn'-sized proportions. Blecch.

Oh, and some of you may remember that idea I had ages ago - the one about an AU Oz fic, with the boys in pre-school? Somebody in the SGA fandom stole my idea (well, not literally) and wrote a McShep Kindergarten fic. Which, BTW, is absolutely adorable and made me melt, but now I can't write mine, 'coz I'll feel like I'm ripping off someone else's work, even though technically I had the idea first.

And I'm just gonna apologise right now to whoever gets my [ profile] oz_magi fics - the muses have clearly abandoned me. I'm a complete hack.

Fic Rec

Dec. 22nd, 2005 08:49 pm
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[ profile] blackchaps has finally started posting the Beecher/Stabler fic that I've been looking over for her - and seriously, you must go read it. It's a loooong one - she's only posted about half of the first part and there's more to come, but goddamn, you don't want it to end anyway! Her characterisation of Elliot and his very gradually developing feelings for Beecher ring so true, because she doesn't overlook the fact that Stabler really is the straightest straight guy ever. But the fic is so much more than their relationship - it has a plot! (I am so in awe of anyone who can actually manage that, because Lord knows I can't). And the plot is tied into the building relationship so well!

So please go read it, and let [ profile] blackchaps know that she's fabulous, because she thinks she isn't, and I don't want to be forced to beat her over the head with a lead pipe in order to knock some sense into her - but I will if I have to! ;o)

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After reading about the troubles [ profile] rileyc has been having with her cats lately, this odd little bunny popped into my head. It's short, unbeta'd and very silly, but it's all for you, Rebecca, *g*.

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If you are an SGA fan and have not yet read the novel-length Resilience - GO. READ. NOW.

It's just.... I can't.... Nnnggh.... Wooooooobiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

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Okay, time to discuss smut in order to get my mind off the fact that I spent a half hour this afternoon cleaning shit off a three-year-old child who'd some how managed to smear it over virtually his entire body - ah, the joys of Early Childhood teaching. Why did I want this job again?

Anyhoo, on to the smut - recently, I've been pondering the very important and philosophical topic of topping. Namely, who should be doing the topping. Now this has become a question for me, in light of all the SGA fic I've read in recent months. Oz was my first ever fandom, and when it comes to smut in Oz fic, I really don't have a preference either way - Chris topping, Toby topping, it's all good. Of course I've always liked the smut scenes where the boys switch off and each have a turn the best, but either way is just fine with me. So I assumed that I would be like that with any fandom slash pairing I got obsessed with. But SGA has proved I'm not.

When it comes to SGA fic, I am a Rodney-on-top girl all the way. I have no idea why this is. Perhaps because the very first one I ever read had Rodney topping, but I don't think so. It's really quite strange, and very annoying because I can't figure out why I feel this way. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy John-on-top fics just fine, but there's always a moment when a voice in my head says, 'Oh damn, why couldn't they have put Rodney on top?' before I get too immersed in the *guh* to care.

So now I'm curious - what 'topping' do my Oz and SGA peeps prefer on their B/K and/or McShep 'desserts'? Please leave me a comment so I can satisfy my curiosity.
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Ah, Dusty's gonna be proud of me - I actually managed to write a ficlet for Smut Day. Go me! *g*

This is also my very first foray into writing Stargate: Atlantis fic. It is of course, a complete and total PWP - there nothing of redeeming value here whatsoever. And that is most probably for the best since if I actually tried to write something clever in this fandom, I'd most likely fall flat on my face having only seen about half of Season 1.

This fic came about after I saw an icon somebody (I'm sorry, I can't remember who) was using in an SGA comm. Said icon was... mesmerising to say the least. It inspired all sorts of dirty thoughts, so I've included an enlarged version for your viewing pleasure.

Inspiring image here )

SGA Smutlet here )

Happy Smut Day! :-)
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Because I like being a tease, and because I have this crazy idea that it might actually kick start my writing mojo, which has been flagging as of late, I decided to share a tiny snippet of the frustratingly-still-not-finished Chapter 4 of There Is A God - Keller Be Thy Name (whose previous chapters are in my memories).

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Somebody posted a link to a fic to the Twisted Sisterhood about Keller raping Beecher. And because I'm a masochist, I actually read the fucking thing.

Now I feel bad about complaining because it was actually an all right fic - well-written and sympathetic towards Chris and his desperation, but... but... it's just... goddammit, Keller is NOT A FUCKING RAPIST!!!!! HE'S JUST NOT!!! He is a lying, cheating, killing, unconscionable, bastard murderer, but he doesn't rape people!

Rape is not Keller's style - he loves seduction, he loves the hunt; he gets off on making people want him, especially when they shouldn't. His greatest desire is for someone to love him, no matter how bad he gets. He loves to manipulate people, to trick them into something - he does not get anywhere near as much satisfaction out of forcing them. That would defeat the point of the chase, be the easy way out, and I can only imagine that Keller would find rape boring.

Yes, in the show, it's claimed that he raped and murdered three men. And I have no doubt in my mind that he willfully killed them. But rape? I believe it must have been rough-but-consensual sex that the police decided must have been rape, since he went on to kill them. Think about it - Keller had no problem killing Mondo Browne and Ronnie Barlog, but before each murder he initiated a sex act - a consensual sex act, where he made the person he was about to kill want him. Undoubtedly, a fucked-up little power trip thrill for him, but rape? No. So why would it have been any different with the other three men?

In this particular fic, Keller's actions are blamed on just how desperately he wants Toby. But that excuse still doesn't fly. What about all the way through Season 3 and during the slut!Beecher phase of Season 4? Keller was as desperate and vulnerable as we've ever seen him, and wanted Toby more than oxygen. If he were capable of rape, would he not have struck during either of these times? Particularly Season 4, when in addition to wanting Toby, he was furious with him for accusing him of mudering his son? BUT HE DIDN'T RAPE, TOBY, BECAUSE THAT ISN'T WHAT KELLER DOES! And while I'm on this point, Keller's utter fury and painful hurt over being accused of Gary's murder, also makes the way he implicitly threatens Holly in this fic unrealistic too.

So, yeah - now I feel like a bitch for saying all this stuff about someone else's story. In all honestly, the story is good - if they were any other characters in the world, I wouldn't have a problem with it, but this is just too OOC for words. And ordinarily, I'm pretty tolerant of OOC behaviour in fics - I can almost always find an excuse for it and rationalize it, but this? It just really, really annoyed me.

Ah, I feel better now. End venting.
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And here's the latest chapter of 'There Is A God - Keller Be Thy Name'. Only took me five or six months (sheesh).

Special thanks to my slave-driver *cough*, I mean BETA, [ profile] magickslash for cracking the whip and making me not suck. *mwah!*

Chapter Three )

Fic Post

Aug. 9th, 2005 04:30 pm
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This is just the first two chapters of 'There Is A God - Keller Be Thy Name', which I already posted at TS months ago, but I figured I should repost them here, since I'm posting Chapter Three here now.

For anybody who didn't read these previously, this is an AU where Chris and Toby meet long before they end up in Oz (and yes, I know it's been done before, but this one has a bit of a twist *g*)

Chapter One )

Chapter Two )
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OMG, peoples - there's crack!fic and then there is CRACK! FIC! Check out this entry at [ profile] ithurtsmybrain - the challenge of writing insane pairings. This pairing is Keller/Elmo/Oompa Loompa. Yes, some poor soul actually took up this challenge and broke my brain in the process.


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