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Just wanted to wish my f-list a very happy and blessed easter time, no matter your beliefs. Whether it's Jesus or the pagan goddess Eostre (or both, if you're like me and don't think the two are necessarily exclusive), any excuse to eat chocolate is a good one :-D

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Happy Easter to those who celebrate, Happy Equinox to those who celebrate, and to everyone else - Happy Long Weekend!

I feel so sick - I made the mistake of buying an Easter cookbook, and couldn't resist cooking up a storm for today's family get together. Plus chocolate. Plus alcohol. Plus cake because today was also my sister's birthday. Yeee-aah... my diet's shot to hell.

I also took some pics of my Easter decorations - I'm so childishly over the top when it comes to holidays, I know, but I won't stop having fun with it any time soon!

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Am currently stuffing my face with honeycomb chocolate egg. Have to go family get together at my Auntie Cheryl's place soon, which means I have to go out in the pouring rain - waaah! Would much rather stay tucked up in bed with my laptop.
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My crazy mother has gone way too far with the Good Friday thing this year. Today's menu at my house was hot cross buns for breakfast, fishsticks for brunch, codfish and white sauce for lunch, and irish fish pie for dinner.

"Doctor, we have a code Batshit!"

The house still smells like fish. Ew.
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So it's Easter Sunday. I got dragged out of bed at 9am, which is like the middle of the freakin' night to me, considering I've been getting up at noon-1pm lately, to go eat pancakes that my mother was making. Pancakes in our house are A Big Deal, because Mum hates making them, so therefore they only come out on special occasions. And by golly, you'd better be there to appreciate them, hence me getting dragged out of bed. So I eat, tired, irritable, sensitive to loud noises, and being barked at by two brothers who have managed to make it to the respective ages of 12 and 30, without ever learning the concept of an 'indoor voice'.

Then I go get my chocolate - I got two small bags of tiny, bite-sized eggs, and that's all. Dude, I usually get at least a larger egg, and always a chocolate bunny. I must admit I was somewhat taken aback - but I absolutely did not whine, "Muuuumy, why didn't I get a buuuuuuny?" No, I didn't. I'm 22, and I can deal with the fact that I didn't get a bunny. *cough*

At which point, Mum says, "Oh stop it - you're 22, you're damn lucky that the Easter Bunny still comes to you at all." This is when I wander back to my room, to suck on tiny, el-cheapo eggs that taste like shit, contemplate the many and various ways in which growing up sucks donkey's balls, and write in my live journal about the tragedy of emo-teenager proportions that my Easter has become. *sigh*

Not to mention that it's not even 10 o'clock yet - my Easter was over in about half an hour, because for some strange reason, we did the family get together thing on Good Friday this year, not Easter Sunday. Usually, I'd have a big lunch to look forward to, but today I will probably just take a nap, and then read the Bible, purely because I'll feel guilty if I don't. Okay, yes - I will stop complaining. I did not get a bunny, but at least I am not nailed to a piece of wood. Always look on the bright side of life.

Brilliant - now I have that song stuck in my head.

Happy Easter (or generic chocolate-related holiday) to you all!


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