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So, the SGA peeps will all agree that it's totally not lame that I've watched the McKay/Carter kissing scene from 'Grace Under Pressure' like 20-ish times, and have imagined Sheppard in Carter's place at for least 75% of those times, right? Right. Didn't think so. BTW, that bit where a shirtless Sam rises up out of the water like a siren? Putting a shirtless John in her place for that particular shot makes me 57 different kinds of happy.

I'll be in my bunk.

(PS. David Hewlett was nothing short of phenomenal in this ep - just freakin' amazing).
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Hey, [ profile] rojimouse, did you see this?

Just when I think I can't love DH any more, I find out he watches and quotes 'Little Britain' and loves that most people have no idea what he's talking about - dude! I do that all the time!

"I want that one...that one... yeah, I know..."


Oct. 27th, 2005 09:33 pm
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Here are a few things that piss me off:

1. Idiots who think it's incredibly funny to unplug the modem in the living room, while I'm on the Internet on the laptop in my bedroom - especially when I'm in the middle of chatting on Messenger, thus making me look like a rude bitch who just signs off in the middle of a conversation.

2. The fact that David Hewlett is only going to be a 45 minute drive away from me in 2 weeks and I can't go see him because no-one I know in RL likes SGA and I refuse to go to a convention by myself, WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! And the fact that I could have gotten one of my sisters to go with me if only Joe Flanigan would be there. But no, because Woobie's Erect-Haired Friend has deigned not to grace us with his presence, I am missing said Woobie (Woooooooobie! Waaaaaaaah!), plus Carson and Zelenka, who I also love.

I have literally been sitting and whimpering for about an hour.

3. Fanfic writers who use the term 'alot'. God-fucking-dammit, 'alot' is not a word. Not even 'alittle'.
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Have the all David Hewlett fans on my f-list seen his 1988 appearance in Secret Identity? If not, go download it at this site and be prepared to laugh your fucking ass off! Oh, man - I just watched it then and I'm still giggling.


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