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Thing the first:
I'm happy to say my family has expanded even further with a new nephew, Hiro, born on November 20, and a new niece, Penny, born on October 12. Which reminds me that I forgot to thank [ profile] fanfromfla for the pennies she sent me to make Penny's gift (which I'll share pics of once I've finally finished it - I'm very craft-challenged), so thank you, Diane!

Baby pics under the cut )

Thing the second:
I'm sending holiday cards again, so if your address has changed from the one I have (or if I never had it, but you would like a card from Australia this year), then please leave your address in the comments, which I'll screen.

Thing the third:
Y'all psyched for my annual smutty advent calendar? 'Cos it's that time of year again! :o)
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Well, it’s Christmas Eve here Down Under.

I’ve finished wrapping my presents, made my gingerbread house, drunk my eggnog, and am now relaxing and watching Carols by Candlelight on the telly. (*will not think about [ profile] oz_magi fic still waiting to be finished*)

Tomorrow will actually be a fairly subdued Christmas by our family’s standards. For the first time ever we’re not having Christmas lunch, because there’s just not enough room in our house for everyone anymore, and of course none of my siblings put up their hands to have it at their house. So tomorrow will just be present-giving amongst the family members that still live here and my Mum’s famous Christmas breakfast. Then we’ll have the extended family lunch at a pub (Mum’s booked an entire private room for all of us) on Boxing Day, so that’s when we’ll see everyone else.

Also, thank you to [ profile] cheights and [ profile] maddiec24 for your lovely Christmas cards!

I’ll probably post again tomorrow, but in case I don’t, I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a Blessed Yule and a Merry Christmas!

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Found a blog where a guy is compiling a list of the Worst Nativity Scenes ever. Now personally, I happen to think that a few of these are actually pretty damn awesome, like the rubber duckie nativity:

And the cupcake nativity:

But I've got to wonder just what the hell a person was thinking when they created the zombie nativity:

Or the sausage & bacon nativity:

And you've gotta check this out too - the birth of Jesus. As told via Facebook... )
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To all of my f-list, no matter your religion or various levels of enthusiasm for the holiday period, I wish you all good health, strength, peace, love, and contentment. And I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your posts, your humour, your support, your friendship and for being such a big and important part of my life. I am truly blessed.

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Blerrrgh - I just ate a giant candy cane in five minutes. Giant as in 10cm long, and 1.5cm thick. I kind of wanna puke now.

Also, a couple of weeks ago I went temporarily insane, and was seized by the mad impulse to make my own holiday cards. It wasn’t until I started that I finally remembered, ‘Oh yeah, I actually really suck at making stuff’. Suck to the point where I forgot to measure the cards to make sure they’d actually fit in an envelope, and had to half-assedly glue on extra bit pieces of paper to make the envelopes bigger.

Anyway, I guess I’m just warning the people getting cards from me, that if you get something that’s burst apart, falling out all over the place, and generally looks like it’s been backed over by a truck – I’m so very sorry. It will never happen again. I’m so not arts-and-craftily inclined; I really must stop pretending that I am.

Not to mention the fifty-billion other Xmas projects I’ve taken it upon myself to do…

I adore Xmas, but I’m. So. Tired. Wake me up when it’s January.


Nov. 30th, 2007 10:56 am
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Firstly, *points to icon*, hee!

Secondly, yeesh, what a week! Rodney the Wonder Cat decided to get himself stuck up a tree. But not just any tree - no, the THREE-STOREY HIGH pine tree in our next door neighbour's yard! (Said neighbour being a bitch who has already complained about our cats more than once).

Anyway, to make a very long and excruciating story short, Rodney was up the tree for a total of EIGHTEEN HOURS (a whole night and day basically) before the damn people at 000 (Aussie version of 911) would send around some fire fighters with a giant-ass ladder to get him down (even though the fire station is bloody RIGHT BEHIND OUR HOUSE!)

When we called in the morning - after I'd spent a sleepless night listening to my baby crying and wailing for someone to come rescue him - they told us he hadn't been up there long enough to get rescued and he'd probably come down on his own. He'd been up there for EIGHT hours at that point, and I know my cat - he's overly cautious and overly lazy - there was no way in hell he was coming down by himself. But we still had to wait another 10 bloody hours before the firemen finally came. It pissed me right off - if a child had been stuck that high up, he would have been rescued straight away, not forced to wait and see if he came down on his own, but because Rodney's "just a cat" he had to be traumatised for a whole day longer even though he was already terrified, cold, starving and confused. Poor baby.

In happier news, I got a new shiny! Yeah, yeah, I'm the last person in the world to get one, but I'm still excited about it. She's jet black and her name's Dahlia. *pets*

I also took my nephew, Ryan, to Sydney's first annual Xmas Parade. Kind of disappointing really - I was expecting something like Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, but it was far more low key than that. And the crowds and the heat were just hellish. Don't think I'll be going again for at least a few years, and that's only if they start adding better floats.

And the really exciting news - Advent starts tomorrow! What does that mean? Why the triumphant return of my smutty, slashy Advent Calendar of course! Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, what better way to spend December than looking pictures of men in various states of undress and compromising positions? :D

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*yawn*. 'Tis late Christmas night here, and I have had an exhausting day, which I shall go into more detail about tomorrow, but for now, let me wish you all Merry Christmas and Blessed Yule!

Now, I have some Oz fic to share (yayz!), which was written partly for [ profile] rileyc and partly for myself. A while back, [ profile] rileyc mentioned that she would love some holiday-themed B/K fic, and I desperately wanted to supply it, but didn't think I could, since my muses have MIA for a distressingly long time (I have been unable to write anything in over a year, guys!)

But then one morning, while hovering between 'asleep' and 'awake', a teeny tiny snippet of dialogue floated into my head, and this li'l piece of somethin'-somethin' was built around that. Right now, I am so freaking pleased with myself for actually starting a fic, and finishing it, that it could be the worst story in the world, and I'd still be insanely proud of it. Luckily, this is not the worst story in the world, but I'm not sure it's exactly what [ profile] rileyc had in mind either, as it's not really romantic, as much as cute and fluffy and domestic. However, I do hope you enjoy it anyway, sweetie.

'A Family Christmas' )
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I made my first ever gingerbread house today! Of course, by 'made', I mean 'assembled it from a kit'. Because just mixing up the icing was far too complex for baking-gene-deficient me - I had to separate eggs - yee gahds!. Anyway, it turned out pretty good for something my younger sister and I constructed on my cramped bedroom floor. We also made a gingerbread train, but haven't decorated that one yet, because we ran out of icing. Shall do it tomorrow, after work. And then I gotta work again Wednesday. Thursday brings more Christmas shopping and finally getting my hair done (my roots are hideous!). Working again Friday. My favourite brother flies in from Queensland on Saturday (so excited to see him!). Sunday will be insane with last-minute preparations, and then it's Christmas. Twenty-four people will be crammed into our house, all expecting to be fed, and plied with gifts - I'm exhausted already!

And I've got to thank the anonymous person who put the virtual gifts on my profile page - yay! Prezzies!

And I think (think) my muses may have made a comeback - a little fic is a-rattling around in my brain and..... well, we shall see what happens.
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Remember those lofty plans I had in November to be organised and get my holiday cards out super-duper early this year? Well, a buttload of exhausting work days and a mini-nervous breakdown later, those plans are in tatters. I'll have them out on Monday, but considering they're going overseas, they may not make it by Christmas - which I feel horribly bad about. Sorry, guys!

And I didn't even do my naughty Advent calendar this year either - I fail at Christmas. Which sucks, when I'm usually so good with Christmas, because I love it so much. Oh well, next year I shall be back on track, I swear. I at least managed to give my journal a nice Christmassy makeover, and I got some virtual gifts out.

I'm feeling all mushily sentimental tonight, for some reason, so I just want to say that I love having you guys around, and I don't know what I'd do without you - to think that three years ago, I didn't even have email! I couldn't imagine not having my online life now. *hugs and kisses you all*. Happy Holidays.

A whole bunch of Christmas quizzes )


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