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So much for my posting more often. Oh, well.

So I turned 30. Ew. I never thought I'd be one of those people who got upset by aging, and I wouldn't care about the fact that my 20s are over if I at least had a job. Or a significant other. Or didn't still live with my parents. *sigh*.

Anyhoo, my birthday wasn't too bad. I had to go into work (I finally managed to get a casual position doing admin work - it's not steady or regular, but it's better than the last five years of absolutely nothing), and my co-workers were nice enough to make a fuss and get me a cake, which was kind of embarrassing, but sweet. Then my parents took me out for pizza for dinner, at a restaurant we hadn't tried before, but was nicer than I was expecting.

Thanks to [ profile] colleendetroit for the cute cupcake on my profile page! *mwah*

Update on my dad's health: So he's decided to go the surgery route rather than radiation for his prostate cancer, except they can't get him in until late October (that's the flip side of universal health care - you don't have to pay, but you do have to wait). Meanwhile, he's also dealing with polymyalgia, osteoporosis, and just to make things super fun, emphysema from his 50+ year smoking habit! I could throttle him for this latest diagnosis, but he's already falling apart at the seams. He turns 69 (heh) next month - I've already told him I expect at least a good 20 years out of him yet.

On the plus side, after my mother's health ordeal earlier this year she seems to have made a full recovery and is back to her old self. She turned 60 last month, but you'd never know. She has ten times more energy than I do and maybe a total of ten grey hairs on her head. Crazy.
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Hey guys! I know it seems like I'm never here, but I promise I do keep up with my f-list, even if I barely post. Anyhoo, thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, especially [ profile] cheights for the virtual cocktail on my profile page - I could definitely use one ;-)

Quick update on me: Still jobless and living with my parents, although the stupid employment agency I've been forced to see for the past 2 years (if I don't go to my appointments, they cut off my dole payments), did manage to finally get me another work placement. Non-paying of course, but at least it gives me something more recent to put on my resume. I'm doing general office-assistant-y type stuff at a community college 2 days a week for the next month or so.

It's the kind of work a monkey could do, and yet despite being somewhat more intelligent than a monkey (allegedly), I have been completely unable to find someone who is willing to pay me to do this kind of monkey work. Oh, you can't answer phones or deal with customers because you're a socially-retarded spaz? Sorry, no low-paying, entry-level employment for you. Seriously, fuck my life. It's not like I have great ambitions; all I wanna do is type data into a computer and be left alone - is that really so much to ask? Apparently, yes.

But other than that, I'm doing okay. My family keeps me busy, especially since being unemployed means I'm the on-call baby-sitter - my littlest nephews and niece are now 1, 2, and almost 3, so that's a lot of (exhausting) fun. And my little sister is popping out her third sprog in a few weeks, so that'll be another little darling I can smother with affection.

I miss you guys - I should definitely start getting back into the posting groove again. And I wanna get my fandom mojo back. I think I've got the motivation to get back into the swing of things - a shiny new pairing I've loved for over a year now is starting to morph into a full-blown obsession, so I'll probably be inclined to share squee, even though none of my f-list watch the show (Teen Wolf). Still, love is love and god knows my poor, neglected journal could use some.
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Well, as of 11:12am, 20th Sept, I am officially 28 years old. *sigh*. You know, I always swore I wouldn't be one of those people who got depressed about getting older, because I think that is pathetically vain, and I'm really not, it's just... disheartening to realise that my life now is virtually the same as it was 10 years ago. Everyone else seems to be moving on and I'm still here, jobless, dateless, and living with my parents. I did have a very nice and relaxing birthday though.

On Friday night, I had an unusual evening that consisted of me, my younger sisters, and a handful of people we went primary school (that's elementary school for my American friends) with, going out drinking with a couple of our old teachers who still work at the school. Kinda bizarre, right? Well, my mother works at the school as a teacher's aide now, so we still see the teachers every now and then, and my sisters thought it would be fun for a bunch of ex-students to get together with our favourite teachers, so they organised the whole thing. They were right - I had a great time.

Best exchange of the night was with the woman who taught me in both fifth and sixth grade:

Teacher: *pointing to my empty glass* Was that your second or third?

Me: Second.

Teacher: Well, hurry up and go get another one. You deserve to have some fun.

Me: You're not supposed to be encouraging me to drink! You're the person who taught me fractions and gave me detentions for hiding in the girls' toilets during PE lessons!

Teacher: I'm also the person who convinced the principal not to expel you that time you kicked [boy who made my life hell]'s shins black and blue, 'cause I knew the little shit deserved it. Go drink.

Me: Yes, Mrs [teacher]! :D :D :D

But again, the night brought up the whole me-being-stuck-in-a-disheartening-rut thing. When you haven't seen old classmates for twelve or fifteen years, the first thing they ask is "So what have you been doing?" How do you say, "Well, I went to university, worked as a teacher for a year, had a nervous breakdown from the stress, got diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at age 23, spent 18 months in cognitive behavioural therapy re-learning how to interact with the world around me, and spent the last three years trying to find an employer willing to hire me," without sounding like a complete buzzkill and/or loser? I chose a generic "Well, I did teaching for a while - now I'm looking at getting into something different," instead. *sigh*

I shouldn't complain really. I'm way better off than so many other people in the world, and I do count my blessings every day, but milestones are always going to make me dwell on the negatives. Oh, well -

I have a family that loves me, a roof over my head, a laptop full of friends and fannish goodness, and yummy birthday brownies in my tummy. I've gotten b'day wishes from LJ friends, and cute virtual gifts from [ profile] tobyfan and [ profile] aletter2elise, (thank you for those, btw!). Maybe I don't have a job, or my own apartment, or a life partner, but I'm still here. I survived the crap that's been thrown at me, and I can still hold my head high and know I'm a good person; that I'm worthwhile and that there are people who truly value me and my simple existence. I may get discouraged and I may complain sometimes, but there's one truth that I can't deny:

I'm loved and I'm very lucky. It took me far too many years to figure that out, but I'm not ever gonna forget it. I refuse to.
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, [ profile] rhymephile!

Hope it's a good one! *Hugs*.
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I'm a little late, but it's still the 1st in Europe - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] chris_baby! You're one of greatest gals around and I love ya! *mwah!* *big smootchies and huggles*
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Best Wishes to two lovely ladies who both deserve a break - [ profile] krazykat26 and [ profile] maddiec24! Love & hugs to you both.
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Hey [ profile] colleendetriot!

Hope this year's better than the last one's been - if Uni doesn't stop being a bitch to you, I'm gonna kick its ass :P
Luv ya.


Jun. 16th, 2009 10:29 pm
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I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday [ profile] cheights! Hope it was a good one!


Nov. 6th, 2007 10:19 pm
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to [ profile] luci_2! Good wishes to you!
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Rodney the Wonder Cat (and his brother Benji) had their first birthday today. I can’t believe it! They’ve grown so much since we adopted them back in January.

Rodney!spam )

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So, I'm officially 24. *sigh*. This birthday kinda sucked to be honest. I got no presents, because everybody I know is either broke or wouldn't get me anything anyway. I had an appointment with my psychologist, who ended up making me bawl for most of the session.

Oh, and Self-Involved Bitch Sister calls me up, bullies her children into parroting "Happy Birthday" into the the phone in the most bored, I'm-only-doing-this-'cause-Mum's-making-me voices I've ever heard, before fake-consoling me about how I'm "getting so old", and haven't "really done all that much" with my life, and "when I was your age, I was married with three kids." Well, whoopdee-fucking-do for her. I don't want kids anyway. A husband would be nice, but I'm not a fucking failure just because I haven't managed to acquire one by age 21 like she did. I also didn't manage to get knocked up at 18 like she did either - oh woe is me! < /sarcasm>

I had a nice pre-birthday yesterday though. Went to the movies (I think I'm the very last person on earth to see Harry Potter 5 and the Simpsons Movie), and Whiney Sister brought her children (Ryan and Carly) up to have dinner and birthday cake at our place, so I could see my favourite niece and nephew for my birthday. We got pictures of that actually - I might post them tomorrow when I'm less tired.

And thank you to [ profile] lv11baby for my virtual cupcake - that was sweet :o)

My Birthday quiz results )
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to [ profile] callmerizzo!
Best wishes for the coming year! :D
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Best wishes to one of the sweetest people I know - hope your day is great! *hugs&kisses*

And btw, during my Internet wanderings, I found this cute pink gingerbread house and immediately thought of you:
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Just kidding. Turning 30 really isn't that big of a deal. Or at least that's what they tell me; I personally wouldn't know. *Evil, demonic grin*

We love ya, [ profile] colleendetroit -
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Jesus, Allah, Buddha, somebody - make it stop raining! It's been five days! I'm trapped in a draughty, turn-of-last-century house with practically no heat, and two extremely bored, out-of-control cats who can't go outside! Not to mention that before the rain started, Father Dear decided to knock down our old outhouse, which involved digging a bunch of long, 3-feet-deep trenches in the backyard to take out old pipes - trenches which are now flooded with rainwater, and have become magnetic death traps for the crazy cats, who seem hell bent on drowning themselves in a cold and muddy fashion. I want. The rain. To stop. NOW.

Fucking Australian winters.


In other news, it looks like I've missed a birthday (thanks to the distraction of cats alternately using me as a scratching post or trying to smother me as I sleep - try waking up to a mouthful of cat bunghole some time - not fun), so anyway Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] cheights! I hope it was a nice day, and I wish you the best for the coming year :)
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Lots of love and good wishes to one of my favourite people, [ profile] fanfromfla. Hope your day is awesome! *jumps on you and SQUEALS!*

ETA: Grrr - stupid birthday banner isn't flashing like it should. Make sure you click on it to see what it's supposed to be doing.
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I'm sorry, I got completely mixed up with what the date was!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to [ profile] chris_baby.

Big hugs and kisses and lots of alcoholic drinks to you, sweetie! *mwah!*
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First of all, thanks so much to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, especially to [ profile] cheights for the virtual balloons on my profile; and [ profile] maddiec24, who sent me a lovely card via snail mail - you didn't have to do that, sweetie! What a lovely surprise.

Secondly - after nearly two years in the Oz fandom, I have finally seen Season 666. Ironically enough, I finished watching the DVDs the day before SBS (Aussie TV channel), decided to get off their butts and air the freakin' final season. Anyhoo, I am now also of the opinion that Fontana lost his damn mind while writing that - it was like watching a completely different show. Shit, anything that can make me feel kind of sad when Omar fucking White dies cannot be the same show. I mean, come on. But I have made my peace with it and shall say no more.

Rambling on SGA mid-season finale )

Okey-dokey, I have also decided to do the friends-filtering thing from now on, so that I am not boring the non-fandom people on my f-list with fannish rambles, and nor am I swamping the Oz fans with all my SGA squee. Hopefully I've managed to get everyone on the right lists and not missed anyone. *crosses fingers*
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Happy Birthday [profile] desert_rifka, from me and Harold!

I was going to post a birthday pic of him, but evil people have run off with the damn digital camera (grrr!). Anyway, I hope you had a great day - Harold's having fun here with me (he thinks he's Kermit - I keep catching him in very compromising positions with my pigs!), and he's looking forward to going into the city this weekend to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House  :o)
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Happy Birthday [personal profile] inthekeyofd!

It has been lovely getting to know you over the past few months - you're a wonderful writer, you bring pretty picspam, and you share my unhealthy fixation with PIN, so for that alone you deserve a terrific day! *g*

Mmmmmm... psychotic, homicidal, unbearably pretty Leon...


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